Maovember is an annual campaign that teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. See the 2017 event list. This year’s partners are Bread of Life, a bakery that employs disabled orphans who have reached working age, and Library Project, which furnishes reading rooms in needy schools. Learn more about Maovember here and how to participate here.

From corn toss to quizzes | Five Maovember parties this week!


Maovember hits full stride this week with a slate of fun events.

Wednesday, November 15, 9 PM

Charity Pub Quiz at Q-Mex

Q Mex returns with its 4th annual charity quiz. Quiz masters Carlos and Faye will provide brainteasers in English and Chinese. The optional rmb100 entry fee includes two pitchers of Carlsberg and goes to maovember. There will be a charity auction and Q Bar will give rmb10 from every tequila shot and margarita, and rmb100 from every Day of the Dead shirt, to maovember. The action starts at 9 PM but you best get there early to guarantee a seat! Also note that Q Bar’s happy hour goes until 9 PM and that nachos are half-price on Wednesdays.

Friday, November 17, 19:00-24:00

Fiesta Latina at CHEERS

Start the weekend right with the CHEERS Fiesta Latina party. Dance the night away while enjoying a free flow of sangria and gluewine for rmb50. From 7 PM to midnight at the Shuguangxili branch (map here).

Friday, November 17, 5 PM

Twin City Party at WE Brewery

WE Brewery will put Tianjin on the Maovember map with its Twin Cities party! Part 1 is November 17 in Tianjin where, from 5 PM, WE will have a dedicated tap: every rmb30 pour goes to Maovember. Part 2 is in Beijing where WE’s Steve Wang will deliver the money, and several kegs of beer, to The Irish Volunteer for its charity corn toss tourney. Party in Tianjin at WE Brewery: Yi He Li, Xi An dao, He Ping District. More details here.

Saturday, November 18, 1:30 PM

Corn-Toss Classic at The Irish Volunteer

The annual Charity Corn-Toss Classic at Irish Volunteer and sibling venue Hockey Bar dates to the first year of Maovember. Expect this fifth edition to deliver the usual fast-placed corn-toss action along with tasty drinks and a superb draw. The entry fee is rmb100 per team of two players: sign up by emailing George Smith at Irish Volunteer is at 311 Jiangtai Road, across from Crowne Plaza Lido.

Sunday, November 19, 2 PM

Dog Pub Crawl in Sanlitun

You and your pooch can get involved in Maovember by joining a Sunday pub crawl that starts at Beer Mania and includes The Local, XL Bar & Restaurant, Paddy O’Shea’s and the Jing-A Xingfucun Middle Road branch. The rmb100 entry fee gets you a drink at each venue and your pooch snacks from Penny’s Food Studio. See QR code on poster to register.

Finally, Mike Wester continues his question to walk 900 km this month and has now passed the 430-km mark. Sponsor him for 90 rmb (1 mao per km) or 450 rmb (5 mao per km)—or even more! Details on his walk and how to support it at this link.

And Tiki Bungalow is supporting Maovember a third straight year, this time by donating 元10 from every Macadamia Chi Chi Nut and Mojito sold this month.

See how to support Maovember here and a full list of upcoming events list here. You can also follow us on Facebook here.

Recap | 108.1 km walked for CHEERS ‘Win Your Weight in Wine’ contest


The bubbly was no doubt justified last Sunday evening as Mike ‘Mao-a-thon‘ Wester rolled into CHEERS 67 wine shop in Shuangjing after walking 108.1 km to visit 21 CHEERS outlets in two days. The fundraiser featured people guessing how many shops Mike would visit and km it would take, with the prize being the best guesser’s weight in wine. That wine goes to Jimmy Selent, who guessed 21 stories and 98 km.

Mike raised rmb3690 via the guesses as well as rmb3700 from CHEERS, which gave an initial donation of rmb1500 as well as rmb100 for each of the first 20 stores visited and rmb200 for each store beyond that. Baozza also donated rmb360 from the baozi-pizza snacks it sold that night.

The walk was part of a 30-day 900-km mission by Mike Wester and pushed him over the 400 km after 12 days.


See how to support Maovember here and our upcoming events list here.

Hops to it | BeerActive combines workouts and brews


The first Maovember BeerActive event brought health-minded individuals together for a workout with beer kegs last Thursday at BActive, followed by some celebratory brews at Slow Boat. The participants used the kegs for presses, for squats and as a base for pushups while they worked up a sweat before cooling down with a few beverages. The event raised rmb1,300 for Maovember.

BActive is also a sponsor of Mike Wester’s 30-day, 900-km “mao-a-thon“.

Putao-a-thon: Win your weight in wine with CHEERS!


Ladies and gentlemen, place your guesses—and win your weight in wine! Starting Friday at 2 PM, ‘Mao-a-thon’ Mike Wester will try to walk to as many of the ~30 CHEERS Wine shops in Beijing—found from Shuangjing to Wangjing to Changping—as possible by Sunday evening. It’s part of his 30-day, 900-km “mao-a-thon” so let’s just borrow the Chinese name for grape and call it a putao-a-thon.

In any case, the person who guesses 1) the number of stores Mike visits during his three-day tour and 2) is closest to how many km he walks during this adventure will win his / her weight in wine! (For someone who weighs 60 kg, the prize would be over 40 bottles!)

The contest ends when Mike arrives at CHEERS Shuangjing store on Sunday at 6 PM. Expect bubbly and baozza, those tasty baozi-pizza creations, with all revenue from these snacks to Maovember.

Sound good? To participate, scan the QR Code below to guess how many stores Mike will visit and how many km he will walk doing it. The entry fee is 90 rmb, with 100 percent of the money to Maovember. Can’t decide the number of stores? Then enter twice—or more! Make sure you register the number of stores and km!

And join the celebration at CHEERS, starting at 6 PM on Sunday at the Tianzhijiaozi store (details) in Shuangjing: 3 Dongbo Street / 朝阳区双井东柏街9号院3号楼1层0103底商, on the same strip as The Brick, Lily’s American Diner and Grinders.

Note: This event is part of Mike Wester’s 30-day 900-km mao-a-thon, which has included a walk around the Third Ring Road on November 1 and a 75-km walk in Ritan Park on November 7. As of November 8, he had completed 280 of his 900-km mission.

See more Maovember events here and how to support Maovember in other ways here.

Five-bar(k) Tour | The first Maovember Dog Pub Crawl



Maovember has moved past Beijing to cities like Shanghai, Taipei and Tianjin in recent years. And now it is moving past humans to involve our four-legged friends!

The first Maovember Dog Pub Crawl will be held November 19. Participants can enjoy a drink at each of the five bars on the route while their dogs indulge in treats from Penny’s, all for just rmb100 (scan this QR code to sign up). I asked Edouard Simon, a member of the Maovember steering group, about the event.

This event is called Dog Pub Crawl? Can we also call it the Pup Crawl? How about the Bar(k) Crawl?

It could have been named the pup crawl, bar(k) crawl or even dog and beer lover crawl. This event is open to both dog owners and dog lovers who want to pet a furry friend while enjoying drinks and supporting local charities!

Beijing is not a very dog friendly place. Most public areas, including parks, forbid our best friends. So this event is a chance for dog lovers to discover new places where they can go with their dogs.

You have five stops for the dog pub crawl. Where are you going?

We will start at Beer Mania, then walk to The Local, XL Bar and Restaurant and Paddy O’Shea’s, before finishing at the new 京A Brewing off Xingfucun Middle Road. We will spend enough time at each venue to enjoy complimentary drinks and feed the babies!

Five stops and five drinks sounds good. What beverages can participant expect?

They can expect some beers as well as hot cider, which should be a good option with the lower temperatures these days.

And the dogs get treats.

We are doing this event with Penny’s, a Beijing brand that provides fresh food for dogs and cats. Their range of treats includes chicken and duck strips, duck flavored sweet potato, and cookies.

What if a dog wants to have a beer instead of a snack?

We love our dogs too much to give them alcohol. But Penny’s does have beer-flavoured chicken strips!

You are also participating in this pub crawl. Who are you taking?

I’ll be with Léo, my two-year-old beagle. What makes him special is that he will go anywhere if there is food. As I’m the same with beer, we could walk as much as Mike Wester in order to get full.

Finally, how can people sign up for this event?

People can sign up by using the QR code above and adding the Maovember official WeChat account.

The Dog Pub Crawl starts at Beer Mania at 2 PM on November 19. The rmb100 entry fee includes one drink at each of the five stops plus a package of Penny’s treats for your dog. Scan the code above to sign up. See more Maovember events here and how to support Maovember in other ways here.


Tianjin! WE Brewery to host ‘Twin City’ bash


WE Brewery is putting Tianjin on the Maovember map once again! This year’s party is called Twin City.

Part one will be held in Tianjin on November 17 where, from 5 PM, WE will have a dedicated tap: every rmb30 pour goes to Maovember.

The next day. WE’s Steve Wang will deliver the money to Beijing and participate in the fifth annual charity corn toss tournament at The Irish Volunteer. Party times two!

Key details: 5 PM until late, November 17, at WE Brewery, Yi He Li, Xi An dao, He Ping District in Tianjin. More details here.

As Steve Wang says, “The more you drink, the more you give!”

See here for more Maovember 2017 events. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Mao-a-thon man | Mike Wester to mark 50th with 50 laps of Ritan Park


Mike Wester is celebrating his 50th birthday today with 50 laps of the 1.5 km path in Ritan Park. It is part of a 30-day 900-km fundraiser for Maovember. As I post at 9 AM, Wester has done 8 laps (12 km) today and 202 km overall since November 1. I asked The Beijinger boss a few questions about his ‘mao-a-thon‘.

Hey, 900 km in 30 days and 50-plus km today alone. Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

Mid-life crisis? I’ve lived in Beijing for 17 years. I think I’m probably going through a three-quarters life crisis.

You walk in Ritan Park a lot. Why do you like it so much?

It is the hub of my Beijing existence: not too far from my home, not too far from my office and close to my daughter’s school. Plus it has my favorite public announcement system ever. [The speakers blurt crucial messages like “The mentally ill contagious people as well as the indecently dressed are not allowed to enter the park”.]

What are five things you’ve learned about Beijing from the first 200 km of your ‘mao-a-thon’?

Beijing’s official slogan should be “pedestrians last!” This city is fantastic for many reasons, but navigable sidewalks is not one of them. I had the misfortune of trying to accompany a family pushing their two-year-old past Taikoo Li on Friday evening. Almost impenetrable.

You don’t have to schlepp all the way out to Xianghsan to enjoy Beijing’s fall foliage. Ritan, Chaoyang and Olympic Forest Park, just to name three, have amazing trees this month—especially the ginkos.

Bike-sharing has gone too far. The city is literally littered with them, a good many of wrecked, and I pass multiple spots daily that are so cluttered with bikes that pedestrians have to walk in the street. I envision a future where a company disrupts bike sharing by selling moderately priced bikes to individuals who would then have the revolutionary advantage of remaining right where their owners left them, each and every time.

Within a good 2-km radius of any point in Beijing’s congested east side, it’s often quicker to walk than to drive, take a cab, wait for a bus or take the subway. Try it some time, people.

Finally, my iPhone equipped WeChat and QQ Music is a godsend. This walk definitely could not have happened except for the fact that I can do tons of work, hold meetings, and listen to audiobooks and music while I walk.

Finally, how are your feet holding up!?

My legs and feet are okay, however, muscles in my hips I never knew I had are pretty sore. Also, I have an “ab” now, which is the first “ab” I have had since a dental abscess in seventh grade. I’m still five cans short of a six-pack but I’m working on it.

Click here to learn more or to sponsor Mike Wester’s mission to help Maovember, and its 2017 charity partners The Library Project and Bread of Life. You can also check out the first ‘mao-a-thon’ interview with Wester as well as the Maovember Facebook page.

Mao-a-thon man! Wester tops 100 km in first three days


Mike Wester of The Beijinger is ahead of the pace needed to reach his goal of walking 900 kilometers in 30 days as a fundraiser for this year’s Maovember campaign. Buoyed by a 50-km jaunt around Beijing’s Third Ring Road to kick off his mission on Wednesday, November 1, he has put in two more consecutive days of steady walking to easily clear 100 km by the time the clock struck midnight on November 3.

Wester aims to raise rmb60,000 for this year’s charity partners, The Library Project and Bread of Life, and already has more than rmb15,000 in sponsorships. To read his pledge or sponsor him, see this link. And expect more updates here and on the maovember Facebook page.