Donation: Naming Rights to Corntoss Team Sold for 800 Yuan


irish volunteer charity corntoss classic village grouches sponsored by steven schwankert of sinoscuba.jpg

In an unprecedented Charity Corntoss Classic deal, naming rights to one team were sold for 800 yuan. Management at SinoScuba made the last-minute offer to Kernels of Truth, the team headed by Kevin Zhang (Fubar) and Jim Boyce (Grape Wall), a mere 24 hours before this year’s tournament.

Agreement was ultimately made on The Village Grouches, a nod to the nickname of Sinoscuba head honcho Steven Schwankert. The spirited talks included consideration of monikers such as Scuba Snacks, Sharky’s Revenge, Schwanky Doodle Dandy and The A-Maize-Ing Sharks.

Despite being one of the most inexperienced pairings in the 16-team tournament, with Zhang making his corntoss debut, The Village Grouches easily won their first match before losing to a near-professional duo — seriously, these guys brought their own corntoss boards — in the second.

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