Maovember’s 2019 Partner: The Library Project


Maovember 2019 is about to start and we are backing one of our veteran partners once again: The Libary Project. Since being established in 2006, TLP has furnished books, tables, chairs, shelves et al — libraries — in over 2,000 rural schools in China. TLP has a long track record of teaming up with individual donors, smalls campaigns like ours and big corporations. It is fully registered in China, something that is increasingly important for those raising and donating funds.

I’ll also post an update soon on how our last campaign’s funds were spent. That includes our efforts with bakery Bread of Life and equipment we funded, including industrial clothes driers, printers and a specially made wheelchair from Germany. I’m just waiting to hear from Bread of Life on one last item. That update will also cover The Library Project, which also did a review this year of some previous libraries we funded.

We are a bit behind on organizing this year and right now need to focus on confirming our event lineup and getting through opening weekend, which features our launch party this Friday at Hulu and our 42-km “mao-a-thon” this Saturday in Ritan Park.


The annual Maovember campaign teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. Learn more about Maovember here. How to support the mission here. And our most current event list here.

Wheel results | Maovember funds Bread of Life delivery vehicle


One request from 2017 Maovember partner Bread of Life Bakery, which employs working-age orphans with brittle-bone disease, was a new delivery vehicle. We soon discovered buying a vehicle was one thing the scarcity and cost of the Beijing license needed for deliveries in the city quite another.

Then we lucked out. New Bread of Life manager John Bison met someone who was selling his Honda and Beijing plates and, because he liked the bakery, willing to get them go for the bargain price of USD5,000 or RMB34,300. Deal done!

Bison brought the vehicle to Paddy O’Shea’s, a Maovember supporter since year one and site of our closing parties. He’s seen sharing some of Bread of Life’s much-loved carrot cake with co-owner Paul Rochon.

You can also catch it, perhaps wearing a giant moustache, at the Maovember 2018 launch party at XL Bar & Restaurant on November 1. The vehicle is part of our mission to show visible results from our fund-raising. Look for more posts in the coming days and wees about the bakery equipment for Bread of Life and the reading rooms for Library Project that Maovember funded over the past year.

2017 Maovember Partners: Bread of Life & Library Project


The fifth annual Maovember, slated for November 1 through November 30, will support a pair of very worthy causes.

We are connecting with Bread of Life for the first time. This project trains and employs disabled orphans to work in a bakery that serves many Beijing businesses and customers and has received kudos for its quality, especially its carrot cake and pies.

We are also teaming again with The Library Project, with whom we worked during our inaugural campaign in 2013 as well as in 2016. The Library Project has furnished more than 1,000 reading rooms in needy schools across China.

Want to support Maovember? Learn how here.

And here are a few photos from a reading room Maovember sponsored in September in Hebei province:

Maovember 2017!


Planning for the fifth Maovember is well underway. This year’s campaign runs from November 1 to November 30 and supports Bread of Life, a bakery that employs disabled people, and The Library Project, a long-term partner that helps furnish reading rooms in needy schools.

The Maovember launch party is at XL Restaurant and Bar in Beijing from 5 PM to midnight on November 1. Be the first to get the 2017 Maovember pin while enjoying food, drink and games. A wine tasting at CHEERS (November 3), the annual pub quiz at Q Mex (November 15), the third Mystery Wine Party (November 26) and more events are in the queue. See the most up to date events list here.

Maovember 2016: How We Plan to Mao Down


beijinger-maovember-2016-pr-pin-picsMaovember is a month-long charity campaign that teams restaurants, bars, shops and customers in China for good causes. The name is a play on mao, a coin worth one tenth of a yuan (1.5 cents), and Movember, a global health campaign that sees men grow mustaches. The theme is small businesses and small donations can yield big results.

Maovember backs projects that produce visible results. Past campaigns have funded a migrant children’s school library on Beijing’s outskirts via The Library Project. (2013) and cataract surgery for over 200 elderly men in rural China via Orbis (2014 and 2015). Funds are raised via Maovember pin sales, personal donations, and events such quizzes, wine tastings and poker, beer pong and corn toss tournaments.

Some key features of Maovember 2016:
  • The 2016 campaign is October 14 to November 19. The last half of November has been tough due to school fairs, impending holidays and colder weather, so the focus shifted to earlier dates.
  • The 2016 charities are Library Project, the 2013 partner, and Good Works, which trains developmentally challenged late-teen orphans for jobs in the coffee trade. Details on the specific schools and trainees that Maovember helps will be posted..
  • More events are expected beyond Beijing this year, with Tianjin and Shanghai already on the slate.
  • Event partners will continue to be encouraged to raise funds in two ways. First, with a food / drink special that clearly shows how much money per purchase goes to charity. Second, with a fun activity, such as a tasting, quiz or sports tournament, with the entry fee to charity. This formula has inspired much creativity.

The 2016 steering group includes venue reps Paul Rochon (Paddy O’Shea’s), Zach Lewison (Irish Volunteer), donor reps Steven Schwankert (Beijinger and SIno Scuba), Alex Jennings (education) and Edouard Simon (IT) and Jim Boyce (website and central planning). Everyone involved is a volunteer.

If you need more info, or are interested in holding an event or selling pins, please contact us via nihao (at)

Maovember pins | Where to buy your 2015 fashion statement


500 Mao Club Collage 1 Maovember 2015

Here are some spots to pick up your Maovember 2015 pin, an attractive accoutrement for almost any fashion ensemble. As per tradition, pins cost rmb50 each, with all funds to Maovember and, via Orbis, the mission of funding cataract surgeries for elderly men in rural China.

Get your pin seller to take a photo of you and your purchase and we’ll include it in a ‘500 Mao Club’ collage, like the one below. If you want to be sure the pins aren’t sold out, check before you go via the links to our partners:

I’ll post updates as more venues stock pins. Buy early, buy often!

Maovember 2015 '500 Mao Club'1