Recap | Pop-Up Beijing fundraiser tops 元3000


500 Mao Club Maovember 20153

Plenty of people popped in to Pop-Up Beijing yesterday for the bar’s official opening / Maovember fundraiser, including George Smith of Orbis, this year’s charity partner. Patrons drank the dozen bottles of donated Yealand Shiraz and Baby Doll Sauvignon Blanc, which sold at rmb30 per glass with all funds to charity, so Pop-Up donated half of the sales of its house wines, also at rmb30 per glass. Quite a few people also tried the New Zealand Taizi baijiu at rmb20 shot. The Baby Doll Sheep Photo Contest didn’t quite pan out — it might have had something to do with the amount of wine and baijiu consumed — although some people managed to get T-shirts on them.

When the cash was counted, it totaled rmb2,990, so a pair of baijiu shots were ordered for Pop-Up co-owner Glenn Schuitman and to cross that 3K mark and end at rmb3,030. Thanks to Pop-Up for a fun Sunday party!

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