About Maovember


Contact: nihao (at) maovember.com.

Maovember is a month-long campaign that teams restaurants, bars, suppliers and customers for good causes. The event is a spin on ‘mao’, a coin worth one tenth of a yuan or 1.5 cents, and Movember, a global health mission where men grow mustaches. The idea is small donations can yield big results.

Maovember raises for funds for tangible results. The 2017 campaign funded a delivery vehicle and baking equipment for Bread of Life, which employs working age orphans with brittle bone disease, as well as reading rooms in Hebei and Yunnan through The Library Project.

Funds are raised via Maovember pin sales, personal donations, and events like pub quizzes, wine tastings, and poker, beer pong and corn toss tournaments.

Event partners are encouraged to raise funds in two ways. First, with a food / drink special that clearly shows how much money for each purchase goes to charity. Second, with a fun activity, such as a tasting, quiz or sports tournament, with the entry fee to charity. This formula has inspired much creativity.

The 2018 steering group includes Paul Rochon (Paddy O’Shea’s), Steve Wang (WE Brewery, Tianjin), Mike Wester (The Beijinger) and Jim Boyce (website / central planning). Everyone involved is a volunteer.

If you need more info, or are interested in holding an event or selling pins, please contact us via nihao (at) maovember.com or see our Facebook page here.

Maovember teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. Our partners are Bread of Life Bakery and Library Project. Learn more about Maovember. See our our event list. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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