Paws for a Cause | Sixth Annual Dog Pub Crawl


The sixth annual Dog Pub Crawl kicked off the tenth annual Maovember campaign. This year’s “Paws for a cause” visited four venues on October 29, including Peach by Hulu, Paddy O’Shea’s, Jing-A and Pi Bar, with the dogs–most in Halloween costumes–fueled by snacks from Penny’s and the humans enjoying a drink at each stop. The day also included lucky draws with prizes from Peach, Paddy O’Shea’s and Jing-A as well as a “virtual dog crawl” for those pups who could not make it.

The dogs gathered at Peach Sanlitun, where the humans enjoyed mulled wine or sodas and the dogs got their snacks from Penny’s. Peach also gave everyone a gift certificate for the restaurant as well as one for new sibling restaurant Fork, which is set to open. This is the second year Dog Pub Crawl started at Peach.

The tour then headed to Paddy O’Shea’s for Tsingtao, sodas and coffees. Paddy’s mascot / pup Frankie was there to greet his fellow canines. This is one of many Maovember events hosted by Paddy O’Shea’s over the years, including some raucous closing parties.

Stop number three was a veteran on the Dog Pub Crawl circuit: Jing-A. The dogs enjoyed water at their dedicated “open bar” while humans enjoyed craft beer. We also held our lucky draw here, with beer, key chains, glasses and t-shirts from Jing-A and beanies, coolers, hot water bottles and gift certificates from Paddy O’Shea’s.

Our final stop for a third straight year was Pi Bar, where owners Young and Vico welcomed the dogs and we enjoyed a choice of four kinds of wine. The dogs chilled out in the relaxed airy vibe of Pi before it was time to go home for a good long sleep!

Thanks to all who supported us, including Peach, Paddy’s, Jing-A, Pi Bar and Penny’s, and the trio of dogs who joined virtually–Naughty, Darla and Olive–courtesy of donations from owners Young and Meredith.

This year’s DPC raised 28,470 mao (元2,847). Adding in 32,880 mao (元3,288) of donations from all about China, including from Corinna, Sarah, Don, John, Zekun and Dustin, and 8,100 mao (元810) from a wine tasting supported by Wine to Asia and Hulu by TRB, and the opening weekend of Maovember 10 totaled 69,200 mao (元6,910).

Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.