Maovember PBR, pins and Nerf sports with The Corner Melt


jimi sides the corner melt beijing china.jpg

Grilled cheese specialist Jimi Sides of The Corner Melt — newly relaunched off Xingfucun Middle Road — will host the first maovember party of 2014. Here’s an interview with Sides plus details of the event, slated for Sunday, November 2.

The Event

It’ll be one Bourbon, one hot (melted cheese), one beer as Maovember gets underway at 6 PM. It’ll also be a good chance to check out the new Corner Melt digs, on the same side-street shared by The Big Smoke, Frost and BBC.

The Maovember highlights:

  • Get a Knob Creek shot and PBR chaser for rmb30 while supplies — two bottles of booze, two case of PBR — last.
  • Brass Monkeys, courtesy of Andy Horowitz, will also be sold for those who prefer vitamin C — orange juice — in their beverages.
  • And for a small entry fee, customers can take the Nerf sports challenge (more details tomorrow).

Proceeds from all three activities go to charity as do funds from sales of the Maovember 2014 pins, which will be hot off the presses. Get yours for 500 mao (50 yuan) and wear it at participating vendors for discounts all month (see this page for details).

The Interview

You guys specialize in grilled cheese. Which one would pair best with Bourbon and PBR?

The ‘Merica Melt! It’s cheap, easy, and straight to the point. No trouble, no BS.

Maovember is a spin on Movember which involves lots of mustaches. Which patron has the best cookie duster?

Ricky the Rat, best whiskers in town. Cheesed up all the time.

For people who have visited your previous hutong location, what can they expect at this new one?

Now we have tables, chairs, a bar, a toilet, drinks, and a license. Thanks to all my cop spotters at the old spot, we ducked more than a few encounters.

Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.