Three Shots for Maovember at Paddy O’Shea’s This Friday


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Paddy O’Shea’s manager Paul Rochon will host Maovember parties on November 7 and November 28. Below are the details and an interview with Rochon — a Maovember 2013 veteran: the photo above shows him at one of last year’s pin-selling parties — on bars and ‘staches.

The Event

The November 7 ‘stache bash at Paddy’s will feature three kinds of shots.

There will be shots on goal as a hockey net will be placed outside so sports fans can try to score against the goalie from The Oilers. Get three shots for 50 yuan.

There will be shots in hand — well, to be honest, they will be glasses — as East Meets West sponsors wine, including a winter-warming mulled option, at 25 yuan.

And there will be a shot at prizes, with tickets available at 20 yuan each for the November lucky draw — the grand prize is a magnum of Champagne.

Proceeds from all three activities go to charity as do earnings from new Maovember 2014 pins, priced at 50 yuan. Wear yours in Paddy’s during November and get a 10-percent discount on drinks.

The Questions

You’re a French guy with an Irish bar in a Chinese city and have customers who hail from Canada to Columbia, from Spain to South Korea. Have you ever considered working for the United Nations?

Ah! If the United Nations offered a job where you can watch your favorite sport, drink for free and have an awesome time, night after night, I would maybe think about it… not!

You’ve got one of the best classic music video collections in town. Which performer has the best mustache in your opinion?

Frank Zappa! Maybe that is why he was the best of the best?! Mustache inspiration!

You guys are also planning a “mustache bash” on November 28. What can people expect at that party?

People without mustaches can pay 20 yuan to get one drawn on by our lovely volunteers. We will have an election for Mustache King and Mustache Queen. We will also have a special “moustache show” by The Cosmopolitans cheerleaders squad and reveal the results of our lucky draw.

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