Sunday FUNday: Beer Pong with Mashup, Big Lebowski with CHEERS


maovember 2014 image for cheers big lebowski-001

Two fun events today for those who want to get into the maovember spirit.

First up, and hard on the heels of yesterday’s Turkey Bowl, is the monthly beer pong tournament with Mashup Sports at Kokomo in Sanlitun. The games get underway at 3 PM with team fees going to maovember — you can sign up here. We’ll also have some shots for charity.

Then, a short walk away, it’s The Big Lebowski drinking game at CHEERS on Xindong Road (see map here) at 7:30 PM. Drink when someone bowls a strike, when The Dude puts on sunglasses, when — well, whenever someone does something on the list of rules. We’ll be drinking CHEERS delicious mulled wine at 20 yuan per serving, with all proceeds to maovember.

(Note: The CHEERS shop is in that double strip mall just across the road — to the south — of the Canadian Embassy, the ones that also include No More Bunz.)

maovember 2014 mashup beer pong

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