Event | Cafe de la Poste to host France-China wine taste test, plus Office Basket-Bola!


cafe de la poster 2 blind tasting for maovember

Enjoy eight wines — and test your taste buds — with Cafe de la Poste on November 19. Taste four pairs of wines and, for each pair, try to guess which one is from China and which one is from France. The lineup will include two whites and two reds.

The taste test starts at 7:30 PM, gets each participant eight tasters (about a half-glass each), and only costs rmb 100, with all proceeds to Maovember to fund cataract surgery for elderly men in rural China. Plus, it gives you the chance to see if you can tell French and Chinese wines apart! Guess all of the wines correctly and get into a draw for a prize.

(RSVP via 6402-7047 or justinbarthelemy78 on wechat.)


Adding more fun to the evening, Cafe de la Poste will host “Office Basket-Bola“, making a fundraiser from that time-tested habit of tossing paper balls into a waste basket.

Pay only rmb 5, scrunch up your paper, and take a shot at the wastepaper basket. Every shot that goes in wins you a free shot of alcohol — and entry into a draw for a bigger prize. Maybe it’ll end up something like this.

lebron james jimmy fallow wastepaper basketball.jpg

Cafe de la Poste is at 58 Yonghegong Street. For more details, check out the venue’s Facebook page.

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