Super VIPs | Peters, Winchell and Jennings


mike peters martin winchell alex jennings maovember 2015 super vips.jpg

As noted here, we consider anyone who spends 50 kuai for a Maovember pin to a VIP, specifically, a member of our ‘500 Mao Club‘. But some people want to donate enough to fund one eye surgery — rmb800 — and, after some heavy marketing strategy meetings, we decided to call them ‘Super VIPs‘.

These included the three people pictured above. Mike Peters (left) is an editor and writer for China Daily. Martin Winchell (center) is a logistics industry executive and chairman of Tianjin AmCham. And Alex Jennings (right) is a teacher at Muffy’s and an adviser for this year’s Maovember. All of them have committed to funding cataract surgeries for this year’s campaign.

If you want to sponsor an operation — you can it online here or in person — or have questions about maovember, email nihao (at)

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