Secret sipping | Mystery Wine Party returns!


maovember-2015-mystery-wine-posterOne of Maovember’s best bashes last year was the Mystery Wine Party. The idea was simple: a bunch of niche suppliers each donated five or more bottles with a retail price of rmb120-plus per wine, with some close to rmb500 or even rmb1000. The bottles were then wrapped in gift paper and sold at rmb100. People ended up unwrapping their bottles and enjoying, and sharing, wines they might never have otherwise tried. Good times! (See photos below.) Add a “wine flights” paper airplane race and some personal donations, and the event raised rmb10,000.

Mystery Wine Party returns again this year, with 1421, Australian Natural, Grape Wall of China, La Cava, Le Sommelier International, Lewine, Pasion, Ponty and Seina all donating wine—if you plan to go, I really, really, really encourage you to RSVP—on November 6 at Q Bar. And this year, baozi-pizza specialists Baozza will sell 100 of their treats at rmb10 each. All money from the wine races, snacks and paper airplane races go to charity. Want to join? Give me a heads up at nihao (at)

Read more about last year’s party here and about Maovember here.

Mystery Wine Party La Cava de Laoma Beijing 2 maovember 2015 mystery wine party at la cava de laoma.jpg

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