Recap | Irish Volunteer / Hockey Bar pitch in with corn toss classic!


The annual Charity Corn-Toss Classic at Irish Volunteer and sibling venue Hockey Bar is a cornerstone Maovember event. Each year, people congregate to compete, enjoy comradeship and beverages, and raise money for good causes.

The 5th edition of this event was no different as 12 teams participated in a round robin tourney to determine the corn toss champ. With teams paying rmb100 each, and rmb3,500 in team sponsorships courtesy of Martin Winchell and Jen Ambrose, the competition alone raised 47,000 mao (rmb 4,700). In the end, veterans Tom McCabe and Mike Kusy edged new teammates Steve Wang and Big Mike 21-18 in a freezing-cold nail-biting finale.

Irish Volunteer also raised money via craft beer donated by WE Brewery, Crown Royal donated by blog Beijing Boyce and drinks donated by the bar. That raised an additional rmb 2,900 for a one-day total of rmb 7,600. Irish Volunteer has also sold rmb 1,000 worth of Maovember pins this year!

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