Recap | The Beijinger and Punjabi Hold Chili Pepper Eating Contest


People called it the year’s hottest event: The Beijinger chili pepper eating contest at Punjabi on December 2 had tongues burning. Eight competitors from eight nations tried round after round of increasingly hot peppers, with the crowd also getting samples. Ankit Nayal of India eventually took the title. He works for BActive, which ranks among the top sponsors of Maovember this year. The contest was one of three “hair of the dog” Maovember events in December and raised 38,700 mao (rmb 3,870) from drink sales and from attendees voting, via rmb50 donations, on the competitor they believed would win.

All competitors got Punjabi, Bodensee, Ayam Brand, Herb Whisperer and Caravan prizes. Attendees who voted via donations were part of a draw for prizes from Q Mex Taqueria, Saigon Mama, Pak Pak Thai Kitchen & Bar and Punjabi.

Truly a hot event and all for a good cause.

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