SumMaory | Beijinger Pizza Mow Down at Groovy Schiller’s


Maovember supporters had fun trying tasty pies last night from the ‘final four’ venues in this year’s Beijinger Pizza Cup — since narrowed down to two!

Attendees paid rmb100 and got a slice each from Bottega, Great Leap, Q Mex and Saporita, plus two beers and a slice of pizza from host Groovy Schiller’s, plus a ticket to win a case of beer donated by Jing-A. Fantastic that all 24 people who signed up, also showed up, for a speedy affair that lasted 75 minutes from first slice to last. Then followed by a few hours of beverages.

Each of the 24 pizza eaters also voted for their favorite pie: that result will be announced after the finale of the Pizza Cup

Thanks to Groovy Schiller’s for hosting, The Beijinger (Mike, Vic, Pablo and Echo) for organizing the event on two days’ notice and Bottega, Q Mex and Saporita for donating pizza. The event raised rmb2650 (26,500 mao).

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