SumMaory | Tianjin Corn Toss Classic at WE Brewery


WE Brewery in Tianjin held an epic corn toss tourney on Sunday, with 16 teams, many clad in custom-made corn-toss themed outfits, fighting it out for six hours before a champion was crowned. Team O’Mahony edged out Team Cornhole of Glory in a close finale as a raucous crowd cheered.

The tournament started mid-afternoon and people enjoyed WE brews and snacks during the games. Many also participated in the “tab war”, with the day’s highest bar bill going to charity, and bought raffle tickets for nice prizes from Shangri-La Hotel,O’Mahony Irish PubFish and Potato (Joy City), Mi Salsa and WE Brewery.

The event raised rmb8000 from entrance fees alone, as each of the 16 teams paid rmb500. Also, over rmb 3000 was made from raffle tickets, 3460 from tab war and rmb3350 from personal donations, including a whopping rmb2500 donation from the unofficial “Mayor of Tianjin.” That’s nearly rmb18,000 for Library Project from this fun-filled day!

The event is the brainchild of WE Brewery owner Steve Wang, who is also a steering group member for Maovember.

Here are some photos of the action.

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