SumMaory | Open Mic & ‘Unofficial’ Closing Party at Paddy O’Shea’s


Paddy O’Shea’s, active in Maovember since 2013, did a doubleheader this year. Thursday featured a warm-up during the weekly open mic night — patrons could donate money to have their song played by host Chris Parry. The result was a fun (and eclectic!) playlist to say the least!

Then came the ‘unofficial’ Maovember party on Friday. Paddy O’Shea’s had a full slate of fun for this one: picklebacks, mustache drawing, a raffle, a charity darts game and even more ‘pay for play’ songs for the DJ.

Good times as usual, with Tom Stader of The Library Project joining both nights and receiving a cheque for the first 500,000 mao from this year’s campaign. All in all, the doublehader raised 48,500 mao (4,850 rmb) for Maovember.

Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.