Recap | Great Leap hosts 16-team Bufpong tourney


Beer Pong became Buf Pong with a raucous sixteen-team tournament at Great Leap #12 in Beijing on November 28.

Teams paid rmb500 each and were divided by lottery into four divisions of four teams, where they played round robin, with the top ping pong ball tossing team from each heading to the semi-finals and, for the winners there, to the finals. This year’s champs, the Pretentious Philanthropists, won the weight of one player in Buf2, a total of 11 cases of 24 cans of BuF2 each!

Players also enjoyed free-flow Buf2, in three flavors, throughout the event. And many played the bean bag toss to win tickets in a raffle that includes prizes from Buf2, Great Leap, Peach, Arch and more.

By the time the last ball was thrown, Bufpong had raised rmb15,046 or 150,460 mao, including rmb11,251 in team fees (and additional donations), rmb2295 in raffle ticket sales and rmb1500 in bidding to shave the Maovember mustache of chief organizer Dill. Check out the pics below!