Recap | CHEERS Fiesta Latina steps up with 32,000 mao!


The Shuguangxili branch of CHEERS got the weekend off to a fun start with a Fiesta Latina party. Guests danced the night away while enjoying a free flow of sangria and gluewine for rmb50. With money from drinks, dancing and donations, the event raised 32,000 mao (rmb 3,200) for Maovember.

CHEERS has been supporting Maovember all month, including a “win your weight in wine” contest and a rmb600 donation from the team in Chengdu!

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Recap | 108.1 km walked for CHEERS ‘Win Your Weight in Wine’ contest


The bubbly was no doubt justified last Sunday evening as Mike ‘Mao-a-thon‘ Wester rolled into CHEERS 67 wine shop in Shuangjing after walking 108.1 km to visit 21 CHEERS outlets in two days. The fundraiser featured people guessing how many shops Mike would visit and km it would take, with the prize being the best guesser’s weight in wine. That wine goes to Jimmy Selent, who guessed 21 stories and 98 km.

Mike raised rmb3690 via the guesses as well as rmb3700 from CHEERS, which gave an initial donation of rmb1500 as well as rmb100 for each of the first 20 stores visited and rmb200 for each store beyond that. Baozza also donated rmb360 from the baozi-pizza snacks it sold that night.

The walk was part of a 30-day 900-km mission by Mike Wester and pushed him over the 400 km after 12 days.


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