Sausage Fest! Homewrecker Challenge Is Saturday at Irish Volunteer


 maovember 2014 the homewrecker challenge with andy's craft sausages (2)

The Homewrecker Sausage has ranked as a mystery on par with the Loch Ness Monster, Lost City of Atlantis and Oak Island Treasure Pit. Does a sausage known as The Homewrecker exist? If so, how big is it? And does its name come from an ability to destroy relationships or because it crushes abodes?

Fortunately, we have discovered the — ahem — missing link in this mystery.

The Homewrecker not only exists but also will be on full display at a sausage-eating contest this Saturday at The Irish Volunteer and Hockey Bar.

Seven contestants will race to finish one of these giant links first. The sausage alone weighs 500 grams. Add a bun and toppings — and possibly a side order of chili — and it will be no easy feat.

The contest starts at ~8 PM, the entry fee is 100 yuan (all proceeds to maovember) and the winner gets a kilo of links and — says Andy Horowitz, of Andy’s Craft Sausages, who is donating the food — a championship belt that he has commissioned.

Want to sign up? Email sausagebyandy (at) or nihao (at)

maovember 2014 the homewrecker challenge with andy's craft sausages

Reportedly a rare shot of Homewrecker Sausages in their natural habitat.

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