‘Maovember Label’ Vedett from Duvel Moortgat for Maovemberfest


maovember 2014 duvel moortgat vedett labels.jpg

Duvel-Moortgat is following up on its support of maovember last year by yet again donating Vedett with special back labels. We’ll have 96 bottles of Vedett “maovember pin” extra white available at 25 yuan each starting from 6 PM on Sunday at Fubar, just ahead of the Two Guys Maodown. It’s not only a very nice beer, but that bottle will make for a very nice souvenir. Get them while they last!

Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.