Maovember 2015 | A First Look at the Events Schedule

irish volunteer charity corntoss classic village grouches sponsored by steven schwankert of sinoscuba.jpg

Last year’s charity corn toss tournament at Irish Volunteer / Hockey Bar.

Maovember 2015 is fast approaching and this year’s events schedule is coming together nicely. See the first draft below, with more activities to be added during the next week, including where to get your Maovember pins this weekend. There are also more posts in the queue, including a “what’s new / what’s old” one about Maovember. Here’s some of the fun to expect this month.

November 08


The official launch of Pop-Up’s bar on November 8 will double as a Maovember fundraiser. Plenty of corks will be popping to raise money and there will be an activity or two to keep guests amused..

November 11


One of the top three fundraisers last year, Paddy O’Shea’s is back with a charity quiz. Click here for more on last year’s event.

November 14


Some call it corn hole, some call it corn toss, we call it (somewhat) good clean fun. Find a partner, pay your team fee, and try your luck at tossing beanbags into a hole in a board about 50 feet away. For prizes and glory. Trust us, it’s addictive. And if this event is anything like last year, it’ll involve lots more shenanigans. See here.

November 18


Last year, Q-Mex held a charity quiz and raised over rmb3500 through team fees, tequila shot revenues, a raffle, and winnings from co-owner Stefan demolishing opponents in billiards. Details here. We’ll soon have more on Q-Mex’s plans for this year.

November 21


Expect these craft beer specialists to put their usual creative touches on this year’s Maovember activities.

November 25


Look for one of Beijing’s hottest new cocktail bars to merge tiki drink specials, a limbo contest and a Magnum P.I. theme–best ‘stache ever?–into a massive wave of fundraising.

November 28


Given his fashionable facial hair of years past, it makes sense that manager Dave Bob will host a Mr Maovember contest. Also expect a repeat of last year’s bingo action.

December 01


We’ll take things nice and easy with a “hair of the dog mustache” or two to ease out of this year’s campaign.

This schedule is a work in progress, given we are talking to venues such as Two Guys and a Pie, CHEERS, Beer Mania, Signature Wines and The Garage, among others, and will be updated soon.

Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.