Maovember 2015 | Orbis Back as Charity Partner


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Call it double vision: Orbis is back as the charity partner for maovember. Donors were satisfied last year with the –pun intended — visible results last year, as Orbis used maovember funds for cataract surgeries for poor men in rural China. Progress was easy to measure given each operation cost rmb800 and we ultimately funded 131 surgeries (see list below). Given this, and a dearth of men’s charities in China, it made sense to again back Orbis.

Orbis will also devote more resources to this year’s effort. There will be more written materials, including pamphlets and fact sheets, to explain where donor money goes, and a page in the organization’s annual report to list contributors.

Orbis also offered to back the logistics involved in making, distributing and collecting money raised via our Maovember pins. These logistics are very time-consuming and support from Orbis will help free resources for events and other activities.

In terms of last year’s results, confidentiality rules mean we do not have the full names of all of the men who received surgeries. We do have case studies, like the one below, and will be getting more:

Orbis Case Study for Maovember.jpg

And we have a list of the surnames and ages of the men helped. Some received surgeries on both eyes but I have only listed them here once:

Mr Li (65), Mr Zhou (77), Mr Wang (69), Mr Li (59), Mr Hu (63), Mr Zhang (72), Mr Liu (81), Mr Chu (71), Mr Ying (61), Mr Zhu (75), Mr Wang (58), Mr Cao (66), Mr Qing (63), Mr Bei (58), Mr Fu (61), Mr Zhou (66), Mr Li (72), Mr Guan (56), Mr Wu (79), Mr Wu (66), Mr Ding (65), Mr Wang (71), Mr Pei (70), Mr Long (64), Mr Gao (69), Mr Pan (63), Mr Leung (61), Mr Xu (75), Mr Hu (64), Mr Lin (58), Mr Qing (61), Mr Min (65), Mr Lu (61), Mr Wang (50), Mr Dai (68), Mr Li (77), Zhang (73), Mr Chiu (59), Mr Rai (64), Mr Liu (72), Mr Ding (77), Mr Yang (59), Mr Lin (71), Mr Lang (66), Mr Cao (58), Mr Shi (79), Mr Liu (87), Mr Ren (68) Mr Xu (65), Mr Lu (80) Mr Wang (58), Mr Zhou (65), Mr Xin (64), Mr Hu (73), Mr Bei (65), Mr Wei (73), Mr Wong (72), Mr Zhang (66), Mr Deng (57), Mr Ling (63), Mr Zhang (68), Mr Wang (61), Mr Rong (59), Mr Li (79), Mr Li (62), Mr Lin (72), Mr Qing (70), Mr Hu (69), Mr Ding (73), Mr Jiang (62), Mr Shi (73), Mr Xie (54), Mr Liu (67), Mr Ying (58), Mr Wu (72), Mr Mo (86), Mr Xin (72), Mr Ping (82), Mr Xu (76), Mr Lu (66), Mr Han (64), Mr Ren (53), Mr Fu (72), Mr Ling (72), Mr Ming (85), Mr Zhou (71), Mr Min (77), Mr Hu  (59), Mr Chu (81), Mr Meng (63), Mr Bai (77), Mr Pan (62), Mr Fung (84), Mr Li (74), Mr Dou (65), Mr Min (69), Mr Zhang (55), Mr Liu (74) and Mr Gu (62).

Finally, we are talking with Orbis about having some key donors check out the Flying Eye Hospital early next year. More details on this soon!

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For more details on Orbis, please see this site. And keep an eye on this site for updates on events and fundraising totals!

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