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Not all venues follow the traditional Maovember route of pairing drink specials with activities like quizzes, beer pong tournaments, paper airplane contests and Mr Maovember contests. Some run fundraisers of their own and then donate the proceeds.

thierry de dobbeleer maovember beer mania beijing china

Beard aficionado Thierry de Dobbeleer of Beer Mania has been holding a “To Shave or Not to Shave” campaign all month long. He has two jars for donations: one for those who want his impressive whiskers gone and one for those who want them to grow until next November and thus reach Amazon forest levels. The jar with the most money at month’s end wins. He also has all drink specials for those sporting mustaches, beards, thongs and hats.

thierry de dobbeleer maovember beer mania beijing china (2)

boxing cat screenshot maovember post.jpg

Meanwhile, Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai is donating 10 percent of all beer sales on November 29 at its locations in Sinan Mansions, Yong Fu and Hong Qiao. To find the one closest to you, click here. Michael Jordan of Boxing Cat was also one of this year’s individual donors.

boxing cat brewery in shanghai maovember poster

Beijing craft brew operation Arrow Factory also used its beer for a good cause. Earlier this month, it siphoned off the revenue from the first 25 beers sold and donated it to Maovember. That raised rmb1025.40.

john jim arrow factory handover.jpg

By the way, brewer Thomas Gaestadius has some pretty mean facial hair himself.

thomas gaestadius arrow factory taproom maovember beijing china

And while Cafe de la Poste held its China-France wine tasting more than a week ago, it’s still in fundraising mode. The staff have been opening the extra bottles and selling the wine at rmb40 per glass, with proceeds to Maovember. I’ll have an update soon.

CD Maovember 2015 Guessing wines at the French-China blind tasting at Cafe de la Poste.

Finally, this weekend’s 5 kuai from select drinks during the Line 5 Thanksgiving Pub Crawl on Saturday, November 28, go to Maovember. Here’s the slate: Pub crawl passport pickup at Slow Boat at 3 PM, then Distillery at 4:15 PM, Cuju at 5:30 PM, Capital Spirits at 6:45 PM, Mas at 8 PM, Bungalow at 9:15 PM and Cafe de la Poste at 10:30 PM.

Line 5 Pub Crawl for Maovember

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