Events | Texas hold ’em tournaments at 4corners and Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q


4corners texas hold 'em tournament for maovember

Poker fans can double their fun in one week with two, count ’em, two Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments for Maovember.

The first is this Sunday, November 29, at 4 Corners. There’s a 100-kuai buy-in donation to Maovember, with prizes for the top three players. And expect charity drinks, too — word is there will be Bloody Caesar shots, eh! Tournament starts at 6 PM sharp, so get there at least 30 minutes early, and have a shot or two to still yer nerves. (Click here for a map.)

The second tournament is one week later, on December 6, at Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q. There’s a rmb500 buy-in for this one, which gets players six hours of free drinks and bar-b-q. The tournament is limited to the first 24 people who sign up and, with two-thirds of the buy-in pool to charity and one-third to prizes, the goal is to raise rmb8,000 for Maovember. The first hand gets dealt at 3 PM. Click here for a map.

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