Moment of truth | Liar’s Dice Tournament at Beer Mania


Fancy yourself as a bullshit artist? Then sign up for the first Maovember Liar’s Dice Tournament, set for Saturday, October 22, at Beer Mania. It’s a 24-player event, starting with four groups of six players. The first three people in each group to lose ten games head off to the consolation rounds while the remaining three continue sailing toward victory. The entry fee is a 100-kuai donation to Maovember and gets each player at least three rounds of dice plus 1.5 liters of Grisette beer! RSVP is essential: use the QR code in the attached poster to book your space.





Maovember teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. Our 2019 partner is Library Project, which has furnished more than 2000 libraries in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.