Point of delivery | Get your Maovember pin through Sherpa’s in Beijing


Too busy to get to one of our Maovember events and get your 2016 pin? From October 24 through November 19, you can help the cause in Beijing from the comfort of your own home or office via food delivery company Sherpa’s. Spot one of the Sherpa’s couriers with a pin and you can buy it on the spot for rmb50. (Cash only for the moment.) So, next time you get food from Sherpa;s, including from Maovember partners like Arrow Factory, Jing-A and Q Mex, consider getting a side order of pin.


Maovember focuses on quirky events for good causes. Our 2022 partner is Library Project, which has furnished thousands of reading rooms in rural schools. Learn more about Maovember here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.