Beard Mania! | Shaizi contest, Shave vs No Shave & hairy discounts at Beer Mania


maovember-2016-liars-dice-shaizi-tournament-at-beer-mania-beijing-china-3Beer Mania has returned to Maovember with a second Shave vs No Shave campaign, discounts for pin wearers and yesterday’s Liar’s Dice Challenge. The challenge was a last-minute idea and seemed a gamble but Beer Mania agreed to, ahem, roll the dice and host an event that turned out to be competitive and fun. Celebrating China’s quintessential drinking game, shaizi, each competitor player three rounds, with winners moving up the ladder, losers dropping into the consolation pool and everyone drinking a lot of Grissette.


The gold medal match pitted newcomer Dustin (above right), a chef whose dice cooked up sweet combos all afternoon, against Arkin (above left), whose experience and bluffing skills won him the title.


The bronze medal match saw local fave Lei (above middle) narrowly lose to dice master Thomas (above left). Beer Mania owner Thierry De Dobbeleer (top right) awarded the prizes, including large format bottles of Saint Feuillien abbey beer and a three-liter keg of Grissette. In the end, the earnings from entry fees and beers totaled rmb1500.

Then there’s the return of the Shave vs No Shave campaign:

thierry de dobbeleer  maovember beer mania beijing china

If you want Thierry to get rid of his beard, donate to the Shave jar.  If you want him to retain it, and the complex ecosystem it no doubt houses, then put your cash into No Shave. I got a feeling which side Thierry hopes wins:

thierry de dobbeleer  maovember beer mania beijing china (2)

Finally, customers wearing Maovember pins at Beer Mania get discounts. If you are wearing the 2016 pin, you get 10 percent off. Pins from 2016 and 2015 get 15 percent while also having the 2014 pin increases that discount to 20 percent. And if you have pins from all four years—2013 through 2016—you bill is reduced by 25 percent. Maybe use those savings to vote in the Shave vs No Shave contest?


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