Heavy-duty fundraising | Beer Mania holds “win your weight in beer” contest


Fresh off a charity liar’s dice tournament, Beer Mania offered an, ahem, heavy-duty prize on November 15 as it celebrated King’s Day with social group Belgians in Beijing. In short, one lucky guest was destined to win his or her weight in Omer beer from Belgium.

Ticket sales were fast and furious, totaling rmb2,760 by the time of the draw, won by Keith Robinson, who had bought more than rmb500 worth of tickets. He then turned around and auctioned off the beer for charity, raising a further rmb1,350. With rmb10 from every Omer beer sale also going to Maovember, totaling rmb580, that meant grand total of rmb4,690 or 46,900 mao. My guess is a lot of the winning beer, donated by Omer, was opened that very night!

And Beer Mania isn’t finished! Owner Thierry de Dobbeleer is holding a Shave / No Shave contest until the end of this month to determine the fate of his rather massive beard. You still have 10 days to donate to the “keep it” or “cut it” campaign at Beer Mania. And if you are wearing your Maovember pin, you’ll get a discount, even more if you also have pins from previous campaigns!


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