Five-bar(k) Tour | The first Maovember Dog Pub Crawl



Maovember has moved past Beijing to cities like Shanghai, Taipei and Tianjin in recent years. And now it is moving past humans to involve our four-legged friends!

The first Maovember Dog Pub Crawl will be held November 19. Participants can enjoy a drink at each of the five bars on the route while their dogs indulge in treats from Penny’s, all for just rmb100 (scan this QR code to sign up). I asked Edouard Simon, a member of the Maovember steering group, about the event.

This event is called Dog Pub Crawl? Can we also call it the Pup Crawl? How about the Bar(k) Crawl?

It could have been named the pup crawl, bar(k) crawl or even dog and beer lover crawl. This event is open to both dog owners and dog lovers who want to pet a furry friend while enjoying drinks and supporting local charities!

Beijing is not a very dog friendly place. Most public areas, including parks, forbid our best friends. So this event is a chance for dog lovers to discover new places where they can go with their dogs.

You have five stops for the dog pub crawl. Where are you going?

We will start at Beer Mania, then walk to The Local, XL Bar and Restaurant and Paddy O’Shea’s, before finishing at the new 京A Brewing off Xingfucun Middle Road. We will spend enough time at each venue to enjoy complimentary drinks and feed the babies!

Five stops and five drinks sounds good. What beverages can participant expect?

They can expect some beers as well as hot cider, which should be a good option with the lower temperatures these days.

And the dogs get treats.

We are doing this event with Penny’s, a Beijing brand that provides fresh food for dogs and cats. Their range of treats includes chicken and duck strips, duck flavored sweet potato, and cookies.

What if a dog wants to have a beer instead of a snack?

We love our dogs too much to give them alcohol. But Penny’s does have beer-flavoured chicken strips!

You are also participating in this pub crawl. Who are you taking?

I’ll be with Léo, my two-year-old beagle. What makes him special is that he will go anywhere if there is food. As I’m the same with beer, we could walk as much as Mike Wester in order to get full.

Finally, how can people sign up for this event?

People can sign up by using the QR code above and adding the Maovember official WeChat account.

The Dog Pub Crawl starts at Beer Mania at 2 PM on November 19. The rmb100 entry fee includes one drink at each of the five stops plus a package of Penny’s treats for your dog. Scan the code above to sign up. See more Maovember events here and how to support Maovember in other ways here.


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