Putao-a-thon: Win your weight in wine with CHEERS!


Ladies and gentlemen, place your guesses—and win your weight in wine! Starting Friday at 2 PM, ‘Mao-a-thon’ Mike Wester will try to walk to as many of the ~30 CHEERS Wine shops in Beijing—found from Shuangjing to Wangjing to Changping—as possible by Sunday evening. It’s part of his 30-day, 900-km “mao-a-thon” so let’s just borrow the Chinese name for grape and call it a putao-a-thon.

In any case, the person who guesses 1) the number of stores Mike visits during his three-day tour and 2) is closest to how many km he walks during this adventure will win his / her weight in wine! (For someone who weighs 60 kg, the prize would be over 40 bottles!)

The contest ends when Mike arrives at CHEERS Shuangjing store on Sunday at 6 PM. Expect bubbly and baozza, those tasty baozi-pizza creations, with all revenue from these snacks to Maovember.

Sound good? To participate, scan the QR Code below to guess how many stores Mike will visit and how many km he will walk doing it. The entry fee is 90 rmb, with 100 percent of the money to Maovember. Can’t decide the number of stores? Then enter twice—or more! Make sure you register the number of stores and km!

And join the celebration at CHEERS, starting at 6 PM on Sunday at the Tianzhijiaozi store (details) in Shuangjing: 3 Dongbo Street / 朝阳区双井东柏街9号院3号楼1层0103底商, on the same strip as The Brick, Lily’s American Diner and Grinders.

Note: This event is part of Mike Wester’s 30-day 900-km mao-a-thon, which has included a walk around the Third Ring Road on November 1 and a 75-km walk in Ritan Park on November 7. As of November 8, he had completed 280 of his 900-km mission.

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