Puppy power | Dozens of canines support Dog Pub Crawl II


From black to white, big to small, energetic to relaxed, dozens of canines took to Beijing’s streets on Saturday for the second annual Dog Pub Crawl (gallery below). There were even a few humans with dog-themed looks thanks to Stefan Schuppisser and his lacrosse friends!

People and pooches gathered at De Refter, then headed to XL Bar & Restaurant, Jing-A Brewpub and Paddy O’Shea’s. At each stop, the humans got a beer, cider or mulled drink while dogs got snacks from Dan Christensen of Penny’s.

De Refter owners Thomas Salou and Clement Rol got the pub crawl started with Belgian beers and English ciders for the humans while Penny’s snacks were handed out. Fellow De Refter owner Edouard Simon started Dog Pub Crawl last year.

The pack then headed to XL where owner Jane Cui had a potent mulled wine for two-legged friends and a water stand for four-legged ones.

The third stop was Jing-A Brewpub. Emmy Andréasson prepared an “open bar” for the dogs and gave the humans a choice of four beers.

And the final, ahem, leg of the course was Paddy O’Sheas. Everyone relaxed with mulled cider by Paul Rochon while the dogs had a bit more time with their new-found friends.

With more than 30 dogs in action, the event raised 元3,950 for Maovember..

Maovember pin buyers on the day included Andrew Schorr, Colin Chan, Professor White and Dan Christensen. Here are some photos, with more to come. You can also check out last year’s Dog Pub Crawl here.

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