Paws for a Cause! Annual Dog Pub Crawl


Puppy power! This year’s Dog Pub Crawl saw ~30 canines visit five Beijing bars and raise rmb8,332 kuai for Library Project. This year’s tour started at Paddy O’Shea’s before going to Jing-A, Prodigy, Pi Bar and XL — with humans getting a free drink at each stop and dogs enjoying Penny’s Food Studio snacks.

The 2020 DPC raised a record total: 8,332 kuai (83,320 mao), with 6,568 kuai from signup fees and 1,264 kuai from raffle tickets / donations and 500 kuai from a donor overseas–thanks Neil Holt!

Dog Pub Crawl has an edge of chaos that brings out community spirit, with people jumping in to help get everyone to the next bar, carry the raffle prizes, look after each other’s dogs, get some good pics, and understanding when everything wasn’t just perfect.

Thanks to the Dog Pub Crawl venue partners for providing drinks, draw prizes and surprises, like Pi Bar’s Polaroid snaps. To lucky draw prizes donors Hulu, Kakikopi and CHEERS, plus the gentleman who provided a dog leash for someone to win. And to Penny’s Food Studio, supplying free snacks for Dog Pub Crawl since the very first event. And last but not least, to dog lovers who supported this year’s event!

More photos coming!

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