Flipping Out | BIIH Flip Cup Tourney


The Beijing International Ice Hockey guys flipped out for Maovember at pub The Irish Volunteer this year. A flip cup tourney replaced the usual Corn Toss Classic and competition was intense.

The round robin saw each of the six teams play five games, with the best going to the playoffs. In the semi-finals, the Expos beat the Bear Cats while the Revs beat the Hot Wings. The Expos then went on to swiftly take the title–and a case of Boxing Cat Beer.

Also winning a case of beer: Daniel Boudreau, for having the best musatache.

The Hockey Guys and The Irish Volunteer are long-time Maovember supporters. Thanks to Curt Dracz, George Smith and everyone else who made this year’s event possible. Including donations by Tom McCabe and Jen Ambrose, the event raised 3,705.5 kuai / 37,055 mao for Maovember.

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