A night of indulgence | Maovember feast at TRB Hutong


One of Beijing’s top restaurants, Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB) Hutong, donated proceeds from a table enjoying its ‘indulgence’ menu to this year’s Maovember campaign. Guests enjoyed a six-course meal, featuring dishes that ranged from tender seared foie gras to succulent wagyu beef, paired with seven wines from TRB Hutong. They also tried 11 local wines brought by wine site Grape Wall of China.

The evening began with Champagne and a tasting of four Chinese wines, then turned to the food menu, starting with a complex caviar-based dish. Each dish was accompanied by both imported and local wines, giving people a chance to compare and contrast, such as tasting that wagyu beef with Australian Shiraz and Chinese Shiraz and Tempranillo.

The Chinese wines included Treaty Port Muscat (Shandong), Kanaan Riesling (Ningxia) and Nine Peaks ‘Qi’ Chardonnay (Shandong) plus Interval Shiraz from Grace Vineyard (Ningxia) and Shi Bai Pian Tempranillo (Hebei). The first caviar dish was paired to ‘Angelina’ sparkling wine from Grace and the last to Cailonglin Vidal Icewine (Liaoning). The Chinese labels fit TRB Hutong well as it has long been a supporter of local wine.

Kudos to Ignace Lecleir and the team at TRB Hutong for the excellent food, wine and service. The event raised 8,000 kuai / 80,000 mao for Maovember.

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