Brew Crew | Marselan Beer Launch at Jing-A


A Maovember event doubled as a world first on November 29 as the first beer made with Marselan grapes was launched at Jing-A Taproom in Beijing. Marselan has the potential to become China’s ‘signature grape.’

The event was headed by Jing-A  brewers Kristian Li and Alex Acker of Jing-A. Winemakers Lee Yeanyean of Grace Vineyard, which supplied grapes for the beer, and Tong Lili of Manzhouxiang, both poured Marselans, while Jim Boyce of website Grape Wall of China brought five wines from across China, including Treaty Port in Shandong, which provided bottles specifically for the event.

This event, bridging the beer and wine worlds, included snacks by Jing-A and a raffle for extra bottles, and raised 4,546 kuai / 45,460 mao for Maovember.

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