Tianjin Corn Toss: ‘6666: The Number of the WEast’


The annual WE Brewery corn toss tournament has become one of the most anticipated Maovember events. And this year is shaping up to be even more a-maize-ing because a) it will be held Halloween (HalloWEen?) weekend and b) a secret donor already has the ball rolling er, bag tossing.

That donation of RMB 6,666–the number of the WEast!–is to be split three ways: 2,222 goes to the corn toss winners, 2,222 goes to the best-dressed team and 2,222 goes to Maovember.

That’s even more incentive to get a group of well-dressed corn-tossing friends together on October 30 to share some drinks and toss some corn.

As usual, every mao of the RMB500 entry fee per team goes to Maovember. Also as usual, the event will include a “tab war” — the table that buys the most booze will see its bill donated to Maovember. Plus, a raffle with some sweet prizes.

Kudos to Steve Wang of WE Brewery for hosting this excellent event each year. And for helping us kick off Maovember 2021!

If you’re interested in joining the tournament, as a player or spectator, or if you want more details about Maovember, give us a shout (add ‘beijingboyce’ on WeChat or email nihao (at) maovember.com).

Here are some photos from Tianjin parties past, including last year’s contest!

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