Recap | Beijing International Ice Hockey tops 200,000 mao


Beijing International Ice Hockey filled the net for Maovember this year by raising over 200,000 mao, highlighted by a day-long party at The Irish Volunteer on November 20.

The party started with a corn toss tournament–Curt ‘n’ Clarky again took top spot–while attendees enjoyed beers and barbecue. Next up was flip cup, held on the patio out front, with some fast and furious action. And then it was time to get musical, as numerous BIIH members got up to sing, rap and play instruments during an open mic session that saw the entire room frequently singing along.

There was also a silent auction with an eclectic range of items–from art to Vitamix machines to hockey memorabilia to a guitar amp–and that raised a substantial amount of the money. The auction item donors included Steve Northcott, WPIC and Opposite House Hotel.

All in all, it was a fine day–and night–that captured the spirit of Maovember, namely, having fun and raising funds for a good cause. And with some further fundraising post-party, BIIH donated a whopping rmb22,038 / 220,380 mao to Maovember.

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