Recap | CHEERS uncorks Mystery Wine Party 2021


Mystery Wine Party returned this year and raised over 90,000 mao through bottle and raffle ticket sales at CHEERS Sanyuanqiao on November 13.

Mystery Wine featured over 50 wines, from a dozen countries, wrapped to cover the labels. Guests paid rmb125 to choose a bottle, unwrap it and discover the “mystery.” They could only buy a second bottle when the first was done, which encouraged people to share with friends, trade pours with strangers and, in turn, discover even more wines.

This year’s party also featured a bean bag toss game–successful throws earned tickets in a draw for thousands of renminbi worth of prizes.

The party raised rmb7250 in bottle sales, rmb1225 in raffle ticket sales and rmb751 in donations, for a grand total of rmb9226 or 92,260 mao for charity.

And in addition to hosting, CHEERS also donated wines as did the following sponsors:

  • The Wine Republic
  • La Cava de Laoma
  • L’Abreuvoir
  • KWV
  • Iroquois Marketing

Check out the photos below to see the featured wines. Mystery Wine Party was previously held in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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