Recap | Jing-A hosts Marselan beer & wine party


Jing-A Brewing hosted a boozy one-of-a-kind party on November 28, featuring beers and wines made with Marselan, which some people call “China’s grape.”

Attendees enjoyed two Marselan beers made in 2020 with grapes from Grace Vineyard in Shanxi, then aged one year in Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvigon barrels, as well as a barrel-aged Farmhouse Ale. This event was a follow-up to last year’s Maovember Marselan party at Jing-A.

They also tasted a lineup of Marselan wines donated by Grace 怡园酒庄, Martin 马丁酒庄 from Hebei, Man Zhou Xiang 满酌香 from Shandong, and Stone & Moon 望月石酒庄, Xiao Pu 小圃, Mountain Wave 海悦仁和酒庄, Charme 夏木酒庄 and Lansai 蓝赛酒庄 from Ningxia.

The event raised rm6558 in attendance fees, with Tom Hsu, director of VIA Faith Hope Love Public Welfare Foundation and executive director of Domaine Franco-Chinois in Huailai County, the first winery in China to plant Marselan grapes, supporting with a rmb5000 donation. That brought the event donation total to rmb11,558 or 115,580 mao. Those who missed the event can get the Marselan beers by bottle at Jing-A and the wines from the respective wineries.

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