Recap | Dog Pub Crawl tours Peach, Great Leap, Jing-A & Pi Bar


Two dozen of Beijing’s finest furry friends took to the city’s streets on Sunday for the fifth annual Maovember Dog Pub Crawl.

This year’s tour started at Peach by Hulu Sanlitun, where humans enjoyed mulled wine and received their dog snack packs courtesy of Penny’s Food Studio. The Peach team gave the best Halloween costume award to top dog Buksie, dressed as Chucky, who won a Peach ‘Boo Box’ filled with Halloween-themed treats.

Buksie (above) received that prize at the second stop, Great Leap #12, with everyone enjoying the gorgeous fall foliage during the walk there, then enjoying Summer Harmony APA and a raffle for Great Leap shirts, six-packs and free beer vouchers.

And then it was up the street to Jing-A Brewpub, a Dog Pub Crawl veteran, for a choice of one of the brewery’s four core bottled beers, plus prizes such as toques and T-shirts.

The final stop was Pi Bar, with drink options of draft beer and Nasch Katszhen, and a final raffle. That included a bunch of vouchers from Peach and Hulu, and some wines from CHEERS and Grape Wall of China. Some of the dogs missed it, as they were already snoozing after that long fun day (see below)!

This year’s Dog Pub Crawl raised rmb5388 / or 53,800 mao: rmb4950 in entry fees (33 people x rmb150), rmb250 in donations, rmb100 in raffle tickets and rmb88 from one dog attending ‘virtually’–Kuro-Chan!

Thanks to Peach by Hulu, Great Leap, Jing-A and Pi Bar for hosting this year’s tour and to everyone who participated. And to Penny’s for donating snacks Dog Pub Crawl in, Dog Pub Crawl out. You can also check out the Dog Pub Crawl writeups from 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Recap | Maovember Wraps Up with Shave Off at Hatchery


The last “hair of the dog” event for the Maovember 2017 campaign featured a “shave off” at The Hatchery. Attendees could get a shave, or just a trim, while enjoying Jing-A stout or Jameson drinks, with all funds to Maovember. The event raised rmb2,040 and wrapped up a successful 2017 campaign!

Recap | ‘Paws for a cause’ with Dog Pub Crawl!


The first Maovember Dog Pub Crawl saw dozens of our four-legged friends, of almost every shape and size, tour the Sanlitun area. Everyone gathered at the first stop Beer Mania, then visited The Local, XL Bar & Restaurant and Paddy O’Shea’s before winding up at Jing-A. At each venue, the people got a beverage while the pooches got snacks courtesy of Penny’s Food Studio. With 31 attendees, these “paws for a cause” raised 31,000 mao (rmb3,100) for Maovember!

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