Off the leash! Dog Pub Crawl II set for Saturday


Peking’s pooches will hit the pavement for the second annual Dog Pub Crawl this Saturday. Dan Christensen of Penny’s Food Studio is providing snacks for the dogs while humans get a drink during stops at De Refter, XL, Jing-A and Paddy O’Shea’s. We talked to Christensen about this year’s event.

Halloween just passed and this feels like a bonus “trick or treat?” session, but focused solely on treats. How does it work?

This is a dog- and family-friendly pub crawl for the Maovember partner charities Bread of Life and The Library Project. Penny’s is helping to organize it and will provide the furry supporters with a pack of treats. The Dog Pub Crawl is 100 kuai per person and gets you a free beverage at each of the four stops on our walking route. [Scan the poster’s QR code to sign up or for info.]

What can you tell us about the stops this year?

We have four participating venues. First off is De Refter, sort of a Franco-Belgian gastro pub. We’ll all meet there at 3 PM. Next up is XL, a great little pub and home to the 88s hockey club and Sexy FC. Many know XL for its larger-than-life proprietor, Jane Cui. Our third stop, a brief one, is Jing A Brewpub, where we’ll pick up roadies on way to our finishing point, and Beijing’s best-known (Irish) sports bar, Paddy O’Shea’s!

And the dogs enjoy snacks along the way. Which one are they getting? Is it going to be Lucky Duck? I bet it’s Lucky Duck. Tell me it’s Lucky Duck.

I hate to break it to you, but Lucky Duck is actually one of our fresh food recipes, so we won’t be serving that. But we will be bringing along different varieties of our air-dried and baked treats for all. [There is nothing stopping Penny’s from making an air-dried version of Lucky Duck. Absolutely nothing.–Ed.]

Who are you bringing to the Dog Pub Crawl this year?

I’m not sure yet, probably one of my three beasts, but not all of them. I need to be able to actually chat with people!

Anything else people need to know about Dog Pub Crawl?

Hydrate before the walk, wear warm clothing, and prepare to have fun! People without dogs should feel free to join. Just come to meet the other’s dogs and support Maovember. The charity and having a good time are what’s most important.

(Interested in Dog Pub Crawl? Scan the QR Code in the poster above to join the WeChat group.)



Maovember memories | 60 photos for 6 years


Maovember turns six on Thursday! And we are posting fun photos from our past events. Here is the first group of 60—ten photos per year—with more to come.

The sixth Maovember launch party is November 1 at XL Bar & Restaurant (details here). And the Bread of Life delivery vehicle funded with last year’s campaign will be on site so you can see your donations in action! (More on that here.) Jia you!

For The Pin! XL to host sixth annual Maovember launch


XL Bar & Restaurant will host the Maovember opening party for a third straight year! The party is November 1, 6 PM to 10 PM, and includes the 2018 Maovember pin launch, a darts challenge, drinks (happy hour until 9 PM) and food (half-price sausage deals). The delivery van funded for Bread of Life by last year’s campaign will be on site so supporters can see their donations in action.

Owner Jane Cui will donate 20 percent of revenue from the party to Maovember. You can find a map to XL here and check out the last two launch parties, here and here.

The annual Maovember project teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. This year’s campaign partners are Bread of Life Bakery and Library Project. Learn more about Maovember here and see the 2018 event list here.

Maovember 2018 partners | Library Project, Bread of Life confirmed


Bread of Life Bakery and The Library Project are confirmed as the two partners for the sixth annual Maovember mission, slated to launch November 1 at XL Bar & Restaurant.

Bread of Life trains and employs working-age orphans with brittle bone disease. It serves many Beijing restaurants and individuals, and has received kudos for its quality, especially its carrot cake and pies. Maovember 2017 funded this delivery vehicle as well as the industrial mixer, refrigerator motor and new computer equipment shown below.

The Library Project is responsible for funding over 2,500 reading rooms across China and was our partner for the first Maovember in 2013. Maovember 2017 teamed up with The Library Project for reading rooms in Yunnan and Hebei provinces. Here are a few photos from a Hebei project.

Maovember 2018 will be providing more funds to these two worthy operations. Want to help? Learn more here.

Wheel results | Maovember funds Bread of Life delivery vehicle


One request from 2017 Maovember partner Bread of Life Bakery, which employs working-age orphans with brittle-bone disease, was a new delivery vehicle. We soon discovered buying a vehicle was one thing the scarcity and cost of the Beijing license needed for deliveries in the city quite another.

Then we lucked out. New Bread of Life manager John Bison met someone who was selling his Honda and Beijing plates and, because he liked the bakery, willing to get them go for the bargain price of USD5,000 or RMB34,300. Deal done!

Bison brought the vehicle to Paddy O’Shea’s, a Maovember supporter since year one and site of our closing parties. He’s seen sharing some of Bread of Life’s much-loved carrot cake with co-owner Paul Rochon.

You can also catch it, perhaps wearing a giant moustache, at the Maovember 2018 launch party at XL Bar & Restaurant on November 1. The vehicle is part of our mission to show visible results from our fund-raising. Look for more posts in the coming days and wees about the bakery equipment for Bread of Life and the reading rooms for Library Project that Maovember funded over the past year.

Happy New Year from Team Maovember!


Happy Year of the Dog to all Maovember supporters! Hundreds of people donated time, money, venue space, drinks, foods and more this past year to help our 2017 partners Library Project and Bread of Life.

Bread of Life has already used Maovember money to upgrade its water heater and walk-in fridge. We are planning a site visit after the holidays to see how the rest of the funds are being used for baking equipment.

The next Library Project reading room will be furnished in March. As GoodWorks, our 2016 charity partner, will close this month, its unused Maovember funds will be transferred to Library Project for reading rooms in Yunnan, where GoodWorks sourced its coffee and tea. It’s sad news that GoodWorks will end but good news that all donations will be put to good use. Photos, details and receipts will be posted as those projects unfold.

Maovember is truly a team effort and a testament to the generosity of people from all over the world who live in China and want to do something good. All the best for the New Year holidays!

Walk Star | Mike Wester Finishes Month-long 900-km Mao-a-thon


`It took more than a million steps but Mike Wester, manager of True Run Media and The Beijinger magazine, successfully completed a 900-km mao-a-thon to support this year’s campaign.

The month-long mission saw Mike complete walks around the city’s second and third ring roads as well 75 km on his fiftieth birthday, 108 km during a weekend attempt to visit every CHEERS wine shop and 120 km during a two-day walk to 2017 charity partner Bread of Life and back. When he arrived at the Maovember closing party at Paddy O’Shea’s on November 30 with 899 km under his belt, a group of supporters joined him to finish off the 900.

Many people sponsored Mike per km at 1 mao (rmb 90) or 5 mao (rmb 450). He also had corporate sponsors, including IDC Dental, BActive, 24 Hour Fitness, CHEERS, The Roots, idMASK and Punjabi.

Mike is also a member of the Maovember 2017 Steering Group. Some pics from his mao-a-thon:

Recap | Maovember Wraps Up with Shave Off at Hatchery


The last “hair of the dog” event for the Maovember 2017 campaign featured a “shave off” at The Hatchery. Attendees could get a shave, or just a trim, while enjoying Jing-A stout or Jameson drinks, with all funds to Maovember. The event raised rmb2,040 and wrapped up a successful 2017 campaign!