Maovember’s 2019 Partner: The Library Project


Maovember 2019 is about to start and we are backing one of our veteran partners once again: The Libary Project. Since being established in 2006, TLP has furnished books, tables, chairs, shelves et al — libraries — in over 2,000 rural schools in China. TLP has a long track record of teaming up with individual donors, smalls campaigns like ours and big corporations. It is fully registered in China, something that is increasingly important for those raising and donating funds.

I’ll also post an update soon on how our last campaign’s funds were spent. That includes our efforts with bakery Bread of Life and equipment we funded, including industrial clothes driers, printers and a specially made wheelchair from Germany. I’m just waiting to hear from Bread of Life on one last item. That update will also cover The Library Project, which also did a review this year of some previous libraries we funded.

We are a bit behind on organizing this year and right now need to focus on confirming our event lineup and getting through opening weekend, which features our launch party this Friday at Hulu and our 42-km “mao-a-thon” this Saturday in Ritan Park.

Maovember 2019!


Planning is under way for this year’s Maovember. From a “mao-a-thon” in Ritan Park to a weekend of corn toss — Saturday at Irish Volunteer in Beijing, Sunday at We Brewery in Tianjin– to a party at Hulu to events with our usual friends, things are in motion. Expect more details on Friday, October 25, when the one-week countdown to Maovember begins.


Maovember mission teams restaurants, bars, vendors and customers for good causes. Learn more about Maovember here. How to support the mission here. And our most current event list here.

‘Mo the merrier | Paddy O’Shea’s hosts MVB closing party


The Maovember closing party at Paddy O’Shea’s is a fun annual tradition and this year was no exception. The party featured Jameson pickleback shots inside and hockey shots outside courtesy of the Beijing International Ice Hockey guys, two bands, The Reprobates and The Soops, and a draw in which everyone who bought a pin won a prize, including bottles of wine, Paddy O’Shea’s merchandise, and more.

With representatives Tom Stader from Library Project and John Bison from Bread of Life Bakery on hand to receive ceremonial checks, it was a good way to wind down this year’s campaign.

The pickleback bar, games and donations raised 元2226. The draw, in which everyone bought a pin, raised 元1500. That meant 元3726 and a nice addition to this year’s Maovember total.

A cut above | The Rooster hosts Sip & Shave in Shanghai


Shanghai got into the Maovember spirit with a “Sip and Shave” event last Sunday. One of two “hair of the dog” Maovember events, and organized by Pilou, it brought together The Rooster and Homie Barbershop for some beers and beards fun. Patrons could opt for a beer, a trim and a Maovember pin for 元100 or just go for the beer and pin at 元50. By the time the sipping and shaving finished, the event raised 元1100.

Suit up! Santacon supports Maovember for second straight year


For a second straight year, SantaCon teamed with Maovember for a “hair of the dog” event. Dozens of Santas, elves and other North Pole denizens took to Beijing’s streets on December 1 for a pub crawl that began before noon and lasted deep into the night.

Sales of Santa suits—just 元50 each!—were donated to charity and raised 元2050. Sales of mulled Orchard Pig cider at one of the many stops, Paddy O’Shea’s, also went to charity and raised 元1500. That meant a grand total of 元3550 and a nice early Christmas present for Maovember and its partners Bread of Life Bakery and The Library Project. Check out some of this year’s photos below and some of last year’s at this link.

O’Shenanigans! Maovember closing party set for Friday!


The annual closing party at Paddy O’Shea’s is always a Maovember highlight: expect this year to be no different. The party will feature two bands, The Reprobates and The Soops, plus a Jameson pickleback bar, a raffle, a BIIH hockey shootout with Orchard Pig cider as prizes, and the Just Dance dancers (just dancing). Representatives from this year’s partners, Bread of Life and Library Project, will be on hand, and there is always the usual Paddy O’Shenanigans. Starts at 7:30 PM: see you there! You can check out the action from last year here.

Brew crew! | 5 brewpubs in 3 cities team for MaovemBEER


MaovemBEER 2018 saw five brewpubs in three cities—Beijing, Chengdu and Tianjin—team up for good causes on November 17! The idea was for each venue to have a beer deal and a game. Here is a wrap up for each place, in alphabetical order.

Arrow Factory

Arrow Factory donated 元5 for each beer sold that day, including the buy one, get one free select brew deal. There was also a draw for a 24-bottle case of Clone Easy Ale, an Arrow Factory T-shirt and a 元100 gift voucher, with tickets at 元20 each. The event raised 元720, reports AF’s Justin Culkin.

Boxing Cat

Boxing Cat featured 300 ml pours of TKO IPA for 元20 at its new bar and restaurant in Beijing. It also held a draw for merchandise and beer flights with tickets at 元15 each. All in all the event raised 元845, reports Boxing Cat’s Terry.


Jing-A held a pub quiz in the Back Bar, with round winners getting picklebacks and overall winners getting merchandise and more. Plus, picklebacks were sold at 元25 for charity. The total raised was 元525, reports Emmy Andreasen.


Lordrew and Sonny Gyalzur, from Nanmen and Shangri-La Beer respectively, teamed up to host a beer pong tournament. The 元500 entry fee got teams free T-shirts, openers and beers from both breweries. Each brewery also had a dedicated tap, with all proceeds to charity. The total raised was 元6600, with 元3000 from team fees and 元3600 from beer sales, reports Lordrew.

WE Brewery

And last, but certainly not least, WE Brewery held a corn toss tournament, with a 元500 entry fee that opened the door for plenty of prizes for players. WE also had a “tab war”, with the highest bill going MVB to, and a draw, with tickets at 元10. The event raised 元16,000, including 元3500 from team fees, 元4000 from draw tickets, 元5629 from the “tab war” and 元2871 from donations, reports Steve Wang.

As Wang put it, “Social responsibility and fun can be harmonized via good beer.”